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Allocating Ram to Forge Server


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My forge 1.12.2 server is very slow and laggy. The reason is probably because every 5 seconds, the console spits out this message (or smth like it):


Running 15ms behind! Is the server overloaded? Skipping 60 ticks (example, but keeps sending messages just like it)


I've been trying to allocate ram to fix this issue. How can I do this on 1.12.2? There is no jvm args.txt, like in 1.20.1.


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To start a server with jvm arguments, create a text document and paste

java -Xmx4G -jar forge.jar

Just make sure the server.jar name is matching with the file name

Then rename the text document to start.bat

Then you can start this server with this file

-Xmx4G allocates 4 GB RAM to the server

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