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Worldbuilding and Roleplay, a community where you can influence the course of Minecraft history.


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Greetings! If you clicked on this I can only assume you have at the very least a slight interest in using Minecraft as a vehicle for creating stories, roleplaying, and worldbuilding, which is amazing to hear, thank you for your interest and I will do my best to explain this as much as I can here but I would like to start by advising you to join our discord, even if you have the slightest interest you can leave whenever you want and I can explain this whole thing a whole lot better.  Our goal is to foster a creative and unified community and thrive on a minecraft server that was made for creating everything from nations to individual cultures. This recruitment post is for a newly formed guild, "The Order of Artemis", led by House Artemis.  but fear not if you have ambitions to create your own nation or guild, simply join our discord and we will help you get set up. Our guild is all about making the experience as positive as possible for everyone! If you've never heard of something like this before that's perfect, come on down and we will get you started on your journey! If your a veteran of this type of thing we also welcome you and promise you will find the experience with us enjoyable.   I would love to explain more about our lore and what we have going on here but it wouldn't fit here, so if this at all interests you join our discord and contact us!  We would love to have you and are happy to answer all questions mand promise to ensure you will enjoy your time with us. https://discord.com/invite/mssaVdTB

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