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Throwable Entity that plants Sapling


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This one I basically have working already. The Sapling is placed where it lands, but it would probably be better if I had it actually get planted and on the right block. Right now it gets placed on any block and on any side of the block. Not sure how to do a check for this within the Throwable Entity class.

  Actually, what I really wanted this to do originally was to act as bonemeal wherever it landed, Throwable Bonemeal. But I know that one is a bit more complicated so I settled on a sapling planter.




protected void onImpact(MovingObjectPosition par1MovingObjectPosition)


    if (!this.worldObj.isRemote)


            /* if (par1MovingObjectPosition.entityHit != null)


                if (!par1MovingObjectPosition.entityHit.isImmuneToFire()) //&& par1MovingObjectPosition.entityHit.attackEntityFrom(DamageSource.causeFireballDamage(this, this.shootingEntity), 5.0F))







                int i = par1MovingObjectPosition.blockX;

                int j = par1MovingObjectPosition.blockY;

                int k = par1MovingObjectPosition.blockZ;


                switch (par1MovingObjectPosition.sideHit)


                    case 0:



                    case 1:



                    case 2:



                    case 3:



                    case 4:



                    case 5:




                if (this.worldObj.isAirBlock(i, j, k))



                AxisAlignedBB axisalignedbb = this.boundingBox.expand(4.0D, 2.0D, 4.0D);

                    this.worldObj.setBlock(i, j, k, Block.sapling.blockID);








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