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[1.6.4]Better than Bohrok (Bionicle mod)


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So I've been wanting to make a mod for quite some time, so i thought i could do it on Bionicle. now the major difference for this mod is you will play as all the characters and creatures from the sets from 2001 - 2003 as well as creating your own toa which will be using the image system like the Mine Little Pony mod. all models will be try to resemble all the parts as close as possible. (aka this will kind of be a graphics eating mod due to the models being based on a 32x texture so this will need MCPatcher or Optifine, example will be down the page)


here is the extra software I'm using to pull this off:


Blender: A CGI program


Eclipse: For the programming app



Now FYI the modeling will be easy and quick but the programming will take a bit. I'm kinda new to java but I've learned Python, C++ and Lua, plus this is also my first mod, (ever, I've never modded for any other games) so I've been watching video tutorials on how to program with forge, but for stuff that's not covered/advanced java programming I may ask a question here and there. so to to show you a glimpse of what I'm working on, here is Tahu.

width=634 height=357https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-SsDFh6F2GDg/Us9_a4GOFdI/AAAAAAAAAM0/PQ9C-kZIQ4Y/w634-h357-no/bionicle+tahu0000.png[/img]


Tell me what you think. I'm trying to get this mod out ASAP, hopefully this mod won't kill anybody's computers once it's released.


Also one question before I go. For object creation how much memory does a cube take and how much does a simple flat surface take? As you can tell, Tahu has a lot of polygons and I want to make the model take the least amount of memory possible when it renders in Minecraft.

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