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[1.6.4] Adding a event handler for when a player chats


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I need to make an event handler that catches a event whenever a player sends a chat message.  What I don't know is what event I need to catch.  I was thinking maybe CommandEvent or ClientChatReceivedEvent but I want it to process non-command chats, and I want it to be called when a player sends a chat, not when a player receives a chat.

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i use this in my event handler



    public void TwistedChatEvent(ServerChatEvent event) {

        String chatMessage = event.message;

        //System.out.println("message reads :"+chatMessage);

if (chatMessage.startsWith("test") && chatMessage.endsWith("sound")) {

            SoundHandler.onEntityPlay("bunnyRelease", event.player.worldObj, event.player, 1, 1);


        if (chatMessage.contains("need")&& chatMessage.contains("name")){//for future use

            System.out.println("wow it worked");




hope that helps


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