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[1.7.2] *SOLVED* Crashing with no mods (besides Lex's test mod)


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I'm using build in Eclipse, running as Client. Here's the log


I'm getting crashes when i try to make a new world. But when I boot it up again, the world I made is in the world list. When I attempt to load the world, it goes back to the main menu as if nothing happened. Any idea what's going wrong here?


I'm aware that Forge is unstable atm and it may just be the build. If that's the case, simply point me toward a usable build.

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Alright, unfortunately I'm getting an identical crash. This time I'll post the entire console from boot to crash, here it is.


Setting up, I followed the video Lex put out. I used "gradlew setupDevWorkspace eclipse" to force it to downgrade to 1001 after editing build.gradle. And it does say I'm using 1001 at the menu.


Which build are you personally using?


It goes haywire after line 748, at "Register FML from SERVER".

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Thanks anyways.


I'm going to try a few things and log them here. Might be of use to somebody


Deleted the whole forge folder and starting afresh

  Did not work, identical crash

Tried using build 1000

  Did not work, identical crash

Tried using 995, the build used at random in Lex's tut.

  WORKED. Game playable.


Hope this helps someone.

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