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setCompoundTag doesn't exist


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setCompoundTag is useless, because it does the exact same thing as setTag. So use that.

And getTagList was changed and is not yet deobfuscated, it is func_150295_c.


tagAt has been divided into multiple sub-methods which return specific types rather than just NBTBase. Look at the code, it's pretty easy to figure out.

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Thanks for your help.

Now i have problems with the "new" getTagList function and tagAt.


My current code looks like this:

private void readFromNBT() {
        reading = true;
        // TODO for backwards compatibility
        if(NBTUtil.getCompoundTag(originalIS, "Inventory").hasKey("title")) {
            setInvName(NBTUtil.getCompoundTag(originalIS, "Inventory").getString("title"));
        } else {
            setInvName(NBTUtil.getCompoundTag(originalIS, "display").getString("Name"));

        NBTTagList itemList = NBTUtil.getCompoundTag(originalIS, "Inventory").func_150295_c("Items") // But i need slotEntry as second Argument?!
        for(int i = 0; i < itemList.tagCount(); i++) {
            NBTTagCompound slotEntry = (NBTTagCompound) itemList.tagAt(i);//what was tagAt replaced for this situation?
            int j = slotEntry.getByte("Slot") & 0xff;

            if(j >= 0 && j < getSizeInventory()) {
                setInventorySlotContents(j, ItemStack.loadItemStackFromNBT(slotEntry));


getTagList needs more arguments than in earlier version. I have trouble rewriting it. Can you or someone else give me some tips?

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I used 10 as second argument for TAG_Compund and used this function instead of tagAt: func_150305_b. Errors are gone. Am I on the right way? I can't test because of some more, about 230 errors, in my mod. So im trying to fix them first :D


Ich danke dir bereits im voraus:

"Manchmal sieht man den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht".

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