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Baby Animals and Multiple Textures


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I am making a mod and I need help with two things to do with my new bird mob.


1. The AI is working perfectly so that they will fly away if you do not hold seeds. However when I breed the birds the baby spawns but I do not know how to make the baby's smaller like other animals in vanilla. How do I do this?


2. At the moment all birds are blue but I want to make it so that birds can be randomly red, blue or yellow. How can I achieve this?




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I think (i am no expert) that you will need a second mob, that is spawned when you breed two birds, with a smaller modell.


Colours... Have you tried using a random (int 0-10?) tileentity that is created on spawn? And if its bigger than x you use texture y, if its bigger....

I use something like this for my blocks, but i am not sure if it works with mobs too.

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1. At this to your EntityClass:

public EntityYourClass spawnBabyAnimal(EntityAgeable par1EntityAgeable)
        return new EntityYourClass(this.worldObj);
public EntityAgeable createChild(EntityAgeable par1EntityAgeable)
        return this.spawnBabyAnimal(par1EntityAgeable);


2. Look at the EntityClass of sheep

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