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[1.6.4]getBlockDropped...called after tile entity removed?


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Hi all,


Me again. One of those nights.


So im trying to add some meta items to the drop array of a block using getBlockDropped, the issue is that I cannot get a the tile entity for said block inside this method which I need to do as it contains data i need to decide what item to drop, im guessing its called after the tile entity is removed however if i remove the block under my block (my block has a canStay method) it gets the TE and drops the right item.


So for actual block breakage should I be doing this higher up the chain somewhere and if so where?


just to confirm the process i want, my block when in meta 0,1,2 and 3 if destroyed will drop an item of metas 0-15 based on an NBT tag value on the TE. If its meta is 4 it drops a different item (with meta 0) so no problems there this works.

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ah probably should have posted that I already figured this out, its in breakBlock, but thanks for the reply.


But o do have another problem related to this, my blocks change meta IDS on update so the blockBreak fires even though the block hasnt been "broken" how would I get around this...my initial question in OP still stands

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