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Getting started for modding, 965/164


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I would like help/a tutorial on getting started with modding in 164, for forge 965.


The tutorial on using forge gradle starts with this:


This tutorial assumes you have some previous knowledge of Minecraft modding and have gotten all the initial stuff done (PATH variables whatnot).


I have done nothing with modding before.

The last time I tried using Eclipse it was difficult (one giant window, with 6 sub windows, all displaying tiny text), and I couldn't even find a tutorial on "how to use Eclipse" -- and I've had people tell me that IntelliJ is better, and I've seen people with much more sensible window/subwindow setups in Eclipse. So I know that E can be made better than 6 tiny subwindows (but I don't know how, or what's a good choice), and I know that there's an alternative.


But that's the entire state of my minecraft modding exposure.


I've got a few decades of programming experience; I know java. I don't know forge / fml / gradle. I want to learn how to get started, and what will continue to be good practices into the future (assuming my next target will be 1.8 and skipping 1.7.)


Where do I start? How do I learn gradle if I've never done anything? Do I need to hunt down a 953 tutorial and start there, and then unlearn what I have learned?

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Modding for 1.6.4 doesn't use the ForgeGradle system. Anyways, for good tutorials, check out Vswe's series.

if (user.hasKnowledgeOfJava) {

    if (user.question.hasCode) {

        return interpetHelpfulResponse(user.getQuestion());

    } else {

        return "Could you post your code please?";


} else {

    return "Learn some freaking Java!";


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