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  1. This happened with Forge 1208. I am aware that this is not latest. This is not repeatable reliably -- I have run this same setup many times without problems, and do not know why it decided to die on me now. EDIT: Potentially, the crash happened in single player when the client ran out of memory. Again: My block/item ID mapping was wiped. All ID numbers in the region files were claimed by a different block, so anything not vanilla became something else. Opening a chest resulted in a client D/C. Restoring a copy of level.dat from a backup did recover blocks properly (* but NOT their orienta
  2. Where can I find instructions on submitting a pull request to forge? (I'm serious: I don't know how to fetch the source, compile it, test it, make changes, and then get those changes sent back to you. What little I understand is that forge is not quite the same as normal mods and has a different behavior, and I have enough trouble getting a github pull request for mods I play around with a lot.)
  3. Additional flaws: 1. Ice Mountains, despite the name, has the same base height 0.45 and variation 0.3 as all the hills. It should have the hills tag, not the mountains (it is not in the same category with extreme hills). 2. Mesa Plateau F M and Mesa Plateau M also have the same 0.45 and 0.3. Yet "FM" has no height tag, and "M" has the "plains" tag. (biomes 166 and 167) 3. "Savanna Plateau M" has the biggest heights in the game -- base 1.05, variation 1.2125, can get really high, yet is only "hills" -- that's like calling the Himalayas "hills".
  4. BiomeDictionary.java has the following registration: registerBiomeType(extremeHills, MOUNTAIN, HILLS ); In MakeBestGuess(), Hills and Mountain are exclusive; all the other extreme hills variants are either hills or mountains. Equally, Extreme Hills + (162) and Extreme Hills M (131) are marked as hills, not mountains. === MakeBestGuess() is using a comparison of height variation against 1.5F. This value being tested used to be the max height (in 164 and earlier); none of the vanilla biomes have a height variation that large in 1.
  5. Because all my coding/porting experience of 25+ years says do/change one thing at a time. So gradle first, update second.
  6. I want to update a mod from 164; the old author is no longer doing modding. It's currently working in 164/965; the first step in updating is getting it to work in gradle 164/964. But I can't find what I thought would be a simple set of instructions. (At the moment, my mod experience is simple maintenance and patching in 164. Now I want to do a 1710 update).
  7. I want to get the source to a mod (Mystcraft). The mod in question's official policy is: "Decompile it yourself if you want the source". But I don't actually know how to decompile / deobfuscate a mod for use with Forge. (Heck, I've actually got access to the dev testing jar, which is non-obfuscated -- but I don't even know how to just plain decompile). I figure there must be a tutorial on this, yet I can't seem to find it. Help please?
  8. Right now, for the basic categories in the biome dictionary -- temperature, vegetation, moisture, tree type, nature, and just being land (instead of ocean or river) -- "normal" cannot be queried directly, but has to be a case of excluding everything known. That's painful at best, and error-prone (and fails to update) at worst. Can entries for "normal" / "default" be added so that there are no more "tag defined by no tag" for the base types? In other words, add: temp_normal veg_normal moist_normal oak nature_normal land as tags. And yes, a few of those could use be
  9. How would you handle biomes such as "beach", or "mushroomhills shore"? Would they be classified as rivers? What about swampland -- lots of water surface, for example. Where is the distinction between river and ocean -- would it be "Depth of 50 to 58 = river, depth of 49 and lower = ocean"? (I think that excludes swamps and otherwise has reasonable behavior)
  10. Thank you. ... off to find old modloader mods ...
  11. What was the last version of forge that ran in Java 5? What are good mods to use in Java 5? Yes, I know I'm looking at 1.1 or 1.2.5 era minecraft.
  12. Aha. In the system console log: Jun 17 19:43:41 keybounceMBP [0x0-0x62062].com.Mojang Specifications.Minecraft.Minecraft[4753]: [19:43:41 INFO]: Finished downloading /Users/michael/Library/Application Support/minecraft/libraries/net/java/jinput/jinput/2.0.5/jinput-2.0.5.jar for job 'Version & Libraries': Local file matches local checksum, using that Jun 17 19:43:41 keybounceMBP [0x0-0x62062].com.Mojang Specifications.Minecraft.Minecraft[4753]: [19:43:41 INFO]: Finished downloading /Users/michael/Library/Application Support/minecraft/libraries/com/paulscode/codecwav/20101023/codecwav
  13. Yep, that does it. Vanilla 164 with the launcher also does this. So ... any idea why or how to stop it?
  14. I am using 164, forge 965. Vanilla launcher. Every time I want to play, it wants to download files. It works; but it's annoying. I cannot tell all of the files it downloads; I can't even find where the vanilla launcher logs its actions. It looks like it is downloading native jars. Mac os 10.7.5. Forge 965. It does work if I'm offline and nothing can be downloaded. It just seems to be downloading even if there should not be a reason to.
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