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[1.7.2] Write/Read NBT at a different time then when the game is saved/loaded


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I am using NBT to save a dynamically changing set of strings in a computer block's gui in my mod. How it works is the player enters commands in the text field and the 'console log' updates accordingly. I would like to keep the console log across different sessions on the computer. I.E. Right now if you leave and come back, the console log is clean, fresh start. I would like to have it so that if the console says cheese, and you leave, when you come back it stills says cheese. I see no other way to do this other than with NBT. However, I would like it so the player doesn't have to save the world in order to save the log, which would require them to leave the computer(in game one) to enter the pause menu, which would 'wipe' the console log. Is there a way to initiate the NBT writing and reading processes say, when the GUI closes/opens respectivley?



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GotoLink already pointed out your problem - you say you are "doing that", but if you are reading and writing from NBT properly, on the server side, the gui will have all of the Strings that you saved the next time you open it. The fact that it doesn't mean there is something wrong either with the way you are "writing" strings to the NBT from your gui, with your packet class, or with the tile entity you are using to store the NBT, if any.


Without seeing the code, there is no way for us to pinpoint your error, so if you'd like help, post your Gui, Packet, and TileEntity.

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tag.setString(ConsoleLogLine1, "ConsoleLogLine1");	
tag.setString(ConsoleLogLine2, "ConsoleLogLine2");	
tag.setString(ConsoleLogLine3, "ConsoleLogLine3");	
tag.setString(ConsoleLogLine4, "ConsoleLogLine4");	
tag.setString(ConsoleLogLine5, "ConsoleLogLine5");	

Looks to me like you've got that backwards... NBT set methods take the key first, and the value second.

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This line in your packet is unnecessary; tile entities store the data between world saves and save automatically when the world does. You should never need to call writeToNBT for a tile entity, and certainly not with a new tag compound (unless you are sending it with getDescriptionPacket).

((TileEntityComputer) te).writeToNBT(new NBTTagCompound());


Anyway, do the debugging statements in your packet class all print the values you expect them to?

When you pass in your TileEntity to the gui, are you sure it is the correct one? (world.getTileEntity(x, y, z))

When you open your gui, are you passing the correct x/y/z coordinates, i.e. using the Block / TileEntity coordinates and not the player's?

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