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Launching forge client from custom launcher


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Hello forge community. I need some explanation how to launch forge for 1.6.4+ minecraft from custom launcher. In 1.6.4 many things changed launching minecraft and forge. Before game launch was bassed on applet and now from scratch process build. I toke all needed libraries and forge minecraft.jar. I found currently, that launching default main class dont load forge. But if i try load from forge library "cpw.mods.fml.relauncher.ServerLaunchWrapper" it's drops me strange error:




Ofc it's clean forge minecraft jar.


So can somebody help me and explain how i can launch forge 1.6.4 from custom launcher? Hope my english is enough good to understand what i wrote.


UPD: Found that main class is "net.minecraft.launchwrapper.Launch".  Errors when launching it:




Why "net.minecraft.client.Minecraft"? default main class w/o forge "net.minecraft.client.main.Main"


Launch Arguments:






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I don't know your launcher code. Again: Why do you need a custom launcher? What's wrong with the vanilla one? Why re-invent the wheel?


This launcher was written 2 years ago to replace old ugly. We control our players environment and update to last one if we update our server version or mods. Custom auth system.





You dont need our launcher code. Arguments that used for process build is provided.


Oh..and i am rewriting minecraft server from scratch...^^

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