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I have no idea how the source code is set up

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I didn't encounter any errors while trying to use the Forge src, but I don't know what source code to edit now that I've installed Forge. I was using Netbeans without a problem before I installed Forge, but it's obvious by the sparse amount of files in the directory I used before and the huge amount of errors Netbeans brings up that I can't use that directory anymore. How can I set up Netbeans to use the new folder system that Forge seems to introduce?


At first, I thought it was a problem with the installation, so I deleted the mcp72 and .minecraft folders, then I downloaded mcp again and regenerated the .minecraft folder. Then I downloaded a minecraft_server.jar file from minecraft.net and placed it in the "mcp72/jars" folder, then I copied the "bin" and "resources" folders from the .minecraft folder to the "mcp72/jars" folder. I downloaded the forge src again and placed the "forge" folder into the "mcp72" folder. Mcp comes with fernflower, so I didn't have to download that. Then I ran the "install" file int the "forge" folder and it decompiled sucessfully, with no errors. My original Netbeans setup didn't work at all, though, and I have no idea where I'm supposed to change the code.

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I downloaded eclipse and set the mcp72/eclipse directory as the workspace, but it gave me an error about not having the jars in the jars/bin directory. Then I placed them in the directory it said they were supposed to be in, but it still gave me errors about not finding the jars.


Also, is there any way to develop mods for Forge without eclipse? I doubt there is, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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