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[1.7.2] - Adding data to the player


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I just wondered how I can store an integer and save it to the player using nbts I have done some searching, but couldn't find a way to do it. I am quite new to the the whole 1.7.2 thing and haven't modded minecraft for a bit. It will be used like a mana type system and I want it to work in multiplayer as well as singleplayer.


Thanks in advance.

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Note:This Works in 1.6.4, I don't know about 1.7.2

If you want to store NBT Data then you can try this:


method(EntityPlayer player) {


player.getEntityData().setInteger("IntegerName", 1);


int i = player.getInteger("IntegerName");


if(player.getEntityData().hasKey("IntegerName")) {

    do stuff



You can then add anything you want after the getEntityData().

Don't be afraid to ask question when modding, there are no stupid question! Unless you don't know java then all your questions are stupid!

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