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  1. Are ItemStacks still limited to a max stack size of 64, or is it possible to have more than 64 now?
  2. OK, so I have overridden the whole RenderPlayer class, via reflection during the the post init period in my client proxy class, with my new class that extends RenderPlayer, but none of the methods seem to be called, did I do it wrong. My reflection code(keep in mind that I have not done reflection very often before, I know about it, but not much experience with it) My RenderPlayerClass(Don't really think you'll need it, but here is it anyway)
  3. I would do that, but my mod is meant to be a a standalone mod, except forge of course. My mod completely overhauls minecraft, meaning that is will not be and is not intended to be compatible with other mods and I wanted it be be a pickup and go kind of mod, meaning that I don't really want the user to have to download the api and then use it.
  4. Well basically I added a different fishing system into minecraft an I want to make the player bend over and render the item, being a fishing net, in the water.
  5. I want it to happen whenever a player right clicks an item in my mod.
  6. Then do you know of another way to create a player animation?
  7. I tried using that as an event a tried registering the event with both: MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new CLASSGOESHERE); & FMLCommonHandler.instance().bus().register(new CLASSGOESHERE());, but the event is not being called. I have worked with other events before, but am I using this one wrong?
  8. I would also like to give you a tip, don't take this the wrong way, but maybe you should learn Java a bit more and have a good understanding of it before you start modding minecraft. The reason why i say this is that modding minecraft is actually a tricky thing, in my own opinion, despite my 4-5 years of experience programming in Java, not even including the experience I have from programming in other languages before learning Java. So i strongly suggest that you, and others who might not be great at programming in Java, or are trying to learn how to program in Java by modding minecraft, to learn and fully understand Java and this is not directed at you, but others that may not know, the people on this forum do not take the time out of their day to teach you how to program in Java, they generally only assist in helping to solve your problem and answer questions about modding minecraft.
  9. Hello, I was just wondering how complicated it would be to add new player model animations, or poses, whenever a certain event is triggered. If it is reasonable, in terms of effort, then how would i have to go about adding new player model animations?
  10. An alternative, which may make your mod incompatible with other mods that use these entities, would be to replace all vanilla entities, or at least the ones you want, with your own custom entities that are basically a modifies clone of the original entities in minecraft.
  11. The title basically explains it. I am using the method world.spawnParticle(ars...);, I know that one of the parameters are asking for the particle type and I used EnumParticleTypes.SPELL, and this spawn normal white potion particle effects, but I need colored particles, how could I achieve this?
  12. Hello, I am trying to make a piece of head wear in my mod. Two fairly straight forward questions, one I have my head piece made, but how do I render it with my textures, and two, how could I disable durability on my armor piece?
  13. Finally I solved it, i don't know if it was intentional but the resource location thing does not accept underscores in the file path, but after a TON of refactoring, it works!
  14. No matter what i try the block renders with a null texture and i cant figure out why.
  15. I feel noobish asking this question, but I can't figure out how to create a block and render it correctly in 1.8. I tried searching for block creation tutorials, but all I could find is Wuppy29's website, but I can't open his website for some reason. So I tried to copy minecraft's code, but I still cant figure it out. Could someone eighther point me to another tutorial or give me an over view of what I need to do. Also I heard that creating blocks now requires .json files, I just wanted to note that I have no experience with them.
  16. It returns nothing, but i do some other forge classes.
  17. Then, what could be causing this issue because I am sure that I installed it correctly?
  18. I honestly feel like something is wrong with he forge downloads or something when I run gradlew setupDecompWorkspace eclipse because I am not getting the files, so I am assuming its a "bug" and I guess I'm going to need to wait until this "bug" gets sorted out because this is ridiculous.
  19. Thats exactly what I did, why am I ending up with missing files. I swapped like 5 or six builds of forge to see if this problem would be fixed, but it hasn't. Am I the only one having issues with this because I am doing exactly as I am told to setup the workspace, but this problem has really become a nuisance because I cannot achieve what I want to achieve without these events.
  20. I installed the same build, 1295, and Im still having the same problem, I cant find those classes, when I install forge is setupDecompWorkspace the only thing I do?
  21. Ok, so when I go to http://files.minecraftforge.net, for 1.8 do I click src, universal, or userdev, I always thought that src is the one to use, but I might be wrong?
  22. I just don't get it I installed forge correctly, if I was supposed to use forge src, I tried using class search, and I even tried string search to see if anything with the name pops up, and it returns nothing. I must have the wrong forge or something because net.minecraftforge.event.* does not exist in my installation. What version of forge are you using?
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