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How to get the coordinates of a block the player is looking at


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In case you also want to include liquids in your search, this would be one way to do it:

*  This method is intended to be called right after an item was right-clicked, and no <i>'blockHit'</i> was found. <br>
*  It will search for the first occurrence of a block made of specific material in the direction where the player <br>
*  is looking, limiting the search with the specified range of item's reach.
*  @param player EntityPlayer using the item <b>(unchecked)</b>
*  @param world Instance of the world the player and his item are in <b>(unchecked)</b>
*  @param material The material type to check if item is used on 
*  @param itemReach User defined reach of the item being used <i>(should be > 1)</i>
*  @return True if the block made from designated material has been found 
*  @see EntityPlayer#rayTrace(double, float)
*  @throws java.lang.NullPointerException if EntityPlayer or World instances are <code>null</code>
public static boolean willItemTouchMaterialOnUse(final EntityPlayer player, final World world, Material material, int itemReach)
final Vec3 vec3 = player.getPositionEyes(1.0F);
final Vec3 vec31 = player.getLook(1.0F); 
for (int i = 1; i <= itemReach; i++)  // Manually traverse the vector
	Vec3 vec32 = vec3.addVector(vec31.xCoord * i, vec31.yCoord * i, vec31.zCoord * i);
	BlockPos blockpos = new BlockPos(vec32.xCoord, vec32.yCoord, vec32.zCoord);
	IBlockState iblockstate = world.getBlockState(blockpos);
	if (iblockstate != null && iblockstate.getBlock().getMaterial() == material)
	    return true;

return false;

I still haven't published a mod because I can never get that in-dev version just right to warrant a public release. And yes, after two years of mod development I am still learning to speak Java.


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