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[SOLVED][1.7.2] Registering Sounds


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So back in 1.6 to register a sound you had to do:


But now addSound doesnt seem to exist and i cannot, for the life of me, figure what replaced it. could anyone help me out here? Also i noticed @ForgeSubscribe is no longer an annotation and again, im lost as to what replaced it, im guessing it was maybe @EventHandler, but i do not know for sure.


Thank you in advanced :)

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In 1.7.2, you don't add sounds or register them, you use a sounds.json file located next to your 'sounds' folder in your assets directory.


It should look something like this:


    "swordstrike": {"category": "player","sounds": ["sword/swordstrike1","sword/swordstrike2","sword/swordstrike3","sword/swordstrike4"]},
    "master_sword": {"category": "ambient","sounds":["special/master_sword"]}


The first " " is the String you will use to refer to your sound in the mod, so when you play the sound, it would be "yourmodid:sound_name".


The category "player", "ambient", etc., is the volume control option that affects the volume of your sound in game.


You can place your sounds in subdirectories like I did ("sword", "special", etc.), or just have them all in the base sounds directory.

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