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Retexturing BlockAnvil


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I have a block extending BlockAnvil. How do I assign custom textures (top and side)? I tried

anvil = (new BlockAnvilBA()).setHardness(5.0F).setStepSound(Block.soundTypeAnvil).setResistance(2000.0F).setBlockName("super_anvil").setBlockTextureName("betterAnvil:anvil")

Texture stayed the same. I guess .setBlockTextureName() is not working for custom shaped blocks.


UPD: Well, apparently the thing is to define registerBlockIcons. But how do I specify correct texture? I have file in "src/main/resources/assets/betterAnvil/textures/blocks/anvil.png", but registerIcon("betterAnvil:anvil") can't find required texture.

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