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Program to make structure creating easier


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I newly had a look into the minecraft village structure from houses. That's really time-consuming to create a single house. Do someone know a program which allows to transform e.g. an MCEdit save to the minecraft code?

Thanks  :)


Use worldedit to export a schematic of the structure you want and then use a "schemtaic to java" converter(Maybe you will have to replace the ids with Blocknames).


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Thank you :D Where do I get such an converter?



just for example. i have seen newer ones too but can't find them right now.

You will have to use find and replace to replace the blockids with names. Also i would only use blocks that were already added in 1.3.2. (Use something like 1, 2, 3 and not a Block with the id 352 so that you know which id to replace with which block)

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