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[1.7.2][Solved]How to render things to player screen?


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Sorry, my bad. I didn't even see that I switched Game and Overlay around. That was my fault.


If you still need further help, then re-read my first post.


use the in-game Minecraft fontrenderer and bind a string to the screen / draw a rectangle.

To put it in-depth:

Get the Minecraft instance, and get the fontRenderer of that instance, use that to draw a string, or you can use drawRect (only if you create your own Gui class)


Note: If you don't create a new GUI when you draw string or anything else it will override the entire screen forcing the exp/hp/armor bar to not successfully load-creating a graphic glitch with renders all textures useless unless you create a custom GUI.



Use Minecraft's fontRenderer to draw the string or use Gui's drawRect (create own GUI).

Be sure to create your own GUI class (place the event in there, too) to draw your string and crap if you don't want the game to glitch up because you overwritten the entire GUI for minecraft.

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