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[1.7.2] Multi-block/custom renders/gui


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Morning all,

  I'm in the process of working on my mod (TerraCraft) and I'm new (*gasp*) to minecraft mod development, however I am a software developer (c++) by profession and I have made significant strides in my progression.  However I need some pointers going forward.


  I've got the main mechanic of my mod completed, which is biome replacement. 


  Currently I've done the following:

  - Added new ores/generation

  - Added respective armors/tools to coincide with the new ores.

  - Added effects to tools when being used.

  - Added a basic biome changing block to the game, that can be set down, activated and changes entire biomes (in a server friendly & grief friendly way)

  - Added a new fluid that when unleashed, will generate new terrain.

  - Added effects to the world that are under terraformation.


  What I'm looking to do, and why I'm here is that I'm looking to expand upon the basics and any direction would be good.


Ideally, I would like to have a multiblock structure with the following aspects:

1) Intakes fluid mentioned earlier.

2) Intakes power (any kind, RF/MJ/etc)

3) Has an big reactors type frame, but hollow with a custom render in the center. 

4) Has a gui that specifies the mode of terraforming

5) Integrate my fluid/ores with the TE/TiCon Api


That said - I've seen tutorials for guis, and I've looked at the multi-block tutorial in the minecraft forge, but does anyone else have any resources they used that could help me accomplish these next goals? 


Also - I am guessing with the rendering/textures that paint.net isn't quite enough.. what tools do you recommend?


Thanks for any advice! :)


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