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Forge installer isn't working no matter what


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Hi guys...

at first i have read about ten topics about same problem, did all smart things you posted and still nothing happening.

I downloaded forge installer "forge-1.6.4-" and tryed run it by doubleclick.

It worked in past when i was experimenting with mods but not now.

I am not skilled in PC guts and secret programs and commands to get what i want... i am not native english speaker either

and i am trying hard to type meaningful post.


So, what i did allready:

Really hardway for me:



Through cmd:



Another cmd and through Control panel:



I checked versions of installed Windows (Win7 Home Premium 64 bit) and Java.

I did things above with 32 bit Java and also 64 bit Java with only one version installed at the same time

and after with both versions (just to be sure).


Oh, and this gets me more angry:



I saw Etho's TerraFirmaCraft he said its easy to install... oh yea i see :D

Is here some good soul willing to help me, please??

Thank you.

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Oh, thank you very much!!

I read EAQ before i posting. I read it now twice and when i wanted use "Ctrl+F" to find Jarfix i saw the little sentence.

Installer now works, thank you for your time.

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