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I've been following Havvy's modding guide but I am unable to create a package with the source minecraft/src but eclipse says that minecraft/scr is not on the java build class path and only lets me do minecraft/src/main/java which doesn't seem to work. I am totally new obviously and want to pickup modding so please help a noob. Thanks and sorry for the stupid question.

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So first go into your forge folder and - shift ctrl right click, and click open command window here. in there type "gradlew.bat setupDecompWorkspace eclipse" it will load for a minute or so then when it's done set your eclipse workspace to forge/eclipse.


Note this is not the fabled Pahimar setup which is just as easy to setup but you are new so I wouldn't recommend it.

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Havvy's Tutorials appear to be attempting to teach both 1.6.x and 1.7.2- in other words it's okay to be slightly confused if those are the only things you've read. Having said that there are other tutorials you could cross reference, although many may well have the same problem. I'm going to assume you're using 1.7.2.


In eclipse there should be a package at the top called "src/main/java"; this package is for your code. The package "src/main/resources" is for your resources. I'm only spelling this out for you since most tutorials can't get over minecraft 1.6.x. If you can't get it to work make sure you have setup gradle properly and maybe go learn eclipse/java with something more trivial than a minecraft mod before you jump in.


You can also look up video tutorials for 1.7 so that you can see the words on the screen when they click on stuff. It can be hard at times to associate parts of a wall of text with parts of a program like eclipse.

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