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Scaling the player with GL11


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Okay so here's the problem:

I changed the player's model with a cutom model and texture with the method in the bottom of the post, but the problem is pumpkin helmet, infact pumpkin helmet is not in player's model but in renderPlayer;


Is there a way in GL11 to complitely scale the player (with pumpkin) so that i can then re-scale it just for the model?


public static class PlayerRendererEvent
	public Field mainRenderer;
	public Field mainTexture;
	public Field globalMc;

	public PlayerRendererEvent()
		try {
			mainRenderer = RendererLivingEntity.class.getDeclaredField("mainModel");
			mainTexture = AbstractClientPlayer.class.getDeclaredField("locationSkin");
			globalMc = RenderGlobal.class.getDeclaredField("mc");
		catch (NoSuchFieldException e) 

	public void onPlayerRenderThirdPerson(RenderPlayerEvent.Pre event) throws IllegalArgumentException, IllegalAccessException, InvocationTargetException
		mainRenderer.set(event.renderer, new ModelPlayerSnowMan(0));
		event.renderer.modelBipedMain = (ModelBiped)mainRenderer.get(event.renderer);
		mainTexture.set((EntityPlayerSP)event.entityPlayer, new ResourceLocation("textures/entity/player/Glacia/snowman.png"));

		event.renderer.modelArmor = new ModelPlayerSnowMan(1);
		event.renderer.modelArmorChestplate = new ModelPlayerSnowMan(2);

	public void onPlayerRenderFirstPerson(RenderHandEvent event) throws IllegalArgumentException, IllegalAccessException
		Minecraft mc = (Minecraft) globalMc.get(event.context);
		RenderPlayer renderplayer = (RenderPlayer) RenderManager.instance.getEntityRenderObject(mc.thePlayer);

		mainRenderer.set(renderplayer, new ModelPlayerSnowMan(0));
		renderplayer.modelBipedMain = (ModelBiped)mainRenderer.get(renderplayer);
		mainTexture.set(mc.thePlayer, new ResourceLocation("textures/entity/player/Glacia/snowman.png"));

Actually i don't know what to write in this signature soooo.... anyway

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