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[1.3.2] TeeLuk's PrinterBlock & SpecialArmor


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All Mods are working at SSP, SMP and LAN!




SpecialArmor 1.3.2

mirror  previous versions


PrinterBlock 1.3.2b

mirror  previous versions



Sources of the other mods (last version 1.2.5)


HD textures for Printerblock



How to install:


Put the zip-files into the mods-folder (gets generated by modloader/forge).


SpecialArmor Description



this mod gives you armor with that you can do special things


fubg5noo.png <- Cape: You can glide with it


pit9a3ab.png <- Speed Legs: You can run faster


k3scggqb.png <- Diving Helmet: You do not drown under water


bf8rxmth.png <- Fireplate: You can't die in Lava/Fire with it - inflames all mobs in a area of 2 blocks - if you press G, a 5x5 field of fire will appear | if you hold the G button a while before you released it, the field will increase by 1-10 blocks (max = 15x15 blocks)


rpq9of2y.png <- Heavy Boots: You're slower and you fall faster (dont ask me why there are such boots, it wasnt my idea)


afbuh5cy.png <- Spring: Is needed to craft something


dobt4do8.png <- Jump Boots: You can jump higher (5 Blocks) - no falldamage


gw3toqsd.png <- Magic substance: Is needed to craft things - You dont need to craft it in this order


9jthz2bj.png <- Magic Boots: If you go over special blocks, they will be other blocks

|previous block -> next block (if you go over it)|





gold/iron/coal/diamondores->cleanstone (1gold/iron/coal/diamond jumps out, actually its only to break down faster)


vt78iafx.png <- Hover Boots: You can go over water/lava and if you are on air and hold the space button, you glide a short time


5jpdxmgv.png <- Obsidian Plate: You get no falldamage


xy6cw4cb.png <- Chain: Is needed to craft chain armor


g55fhu3l.pngcpbnxtem.pngy38n6gzw.pnge6voauv6.png <- Chain armor: Its the chain armor that is already ingame...


a66oz944.png <- Slime Helmet: (from SlimeCraft) You can stick and move on the ceiling


7ybzppgr.png <- TNT Plate: If you press G, it produces a explosion at your place and you dont get hurt from this explosion


usxejbxx.pngu3ukdwe6.png <- Flower Plate: Sometimes it spreads flowers 1 block next to you if its a grass block


bxppgc85.png <- Rocket: Is needed to craft something


d5h8pu3h.png <- Jetpack middle: Is needed to craft something


uyx4u8f2.png <- Jetpack: If you press the jump-key, you'll fly - No falldamage - If you put on the speed legs you are faster by flying


5q33yg6g.png <- Skates: On the land your slower but on ice you dont slip and your faster


gwmuculu.pngs3riqkrk.pngcjjn9mn9.png5dyij5mk.png <- Pork Armor: If you put on all the armor stuff, you'll get half a heart every 10 seconds


ltnpf26f.pngxihlgc26.pngju7mxhmd.pngqgnlhnyx.png <- Cooked Pork Armor: If you put on all the armor stuff, you'll get a heart every 10 seconds


csdemjuq.png <- Time-Helmet: If you put this helmet on, the time will speed up


pxdc95rm.png <- Doublejump Boots: You can jump 2 times


dlksnlef.png <- Dispenser Plate: If you have arrows in your inventory, the plate will shoot the arrows automatically on all mobs in a area of 10 blocks




PrinterBlock Description




With the printer block, you can paint with the different wool color and then you can place the wool in the world

Maybe you need this if you paint much in your world


















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