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    • The warnings about unknown attributes can be ignored; Minecraft 1.16 changed how entity attributes are identified, bringing them more in line with resource locations (1.15.2: "forge.swimSpeed" is in 1.16: "forge:swim_speed"). This occurs when loading a Forge world from pre1.16, since Forge doesn't have datafixers to automatically fix those attributes, as far as I know. (Forge doesn't have datafixers for those because DataFixerUpper is very theory-heavy, and requires time investment to translate between versions, which is hard for a volunteer- and community-driven project, as opposed to Mojang, a company with salaried employees)   The errors about serialization of arguments can also be ignored. One of Forge's goals is interoperability with vanilla: Forge clients can connect to vanilla servers, and vanilla clients can connect to Forge servers. The errors occur because Forge doesn't serialize the arguments to be sent to clients; if the clients were vanilla, then sending those command arguments to the client can confuse it and may cause issues and crashes. (If you're thinking, "Why not only check if it's a Forge client?", because that would require changing the Brigadier library, which would be another can of worms.)   TL;DR: First batch of errors because you updated an old world, second batch of errors is because Forge likes to support connecting to vanilla clients/server.  
    • hi, I have a problem because I downloaded the forge from this site but when I try to open the forge, I can only open it using a notebook or browser.
    • Hello, i found some topics for problems like this, but all the topics i found where missing an solution or where just dead. Maybe there is already an answer somewhere but i was not able to find it. sorry in that case   Server Version: Minecraft: 1.16.1 Forge 32.0.63 Forge Client Version: 32.0.43 (Client is now on the same Version with same Errors) Mods: Atm no mods. There was Simple Farming on the server before the update on 1.16.1.   I'm getting too many Errors like this here on the Server: or   What is the problem and what can i do about that?   Logs: Server Log Server Debug Client Log Client Debug
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