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[1.7.2] Partial Render/Render Clipping - can and how?


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Hi there.  I'm wondering if it's possible (I believe it is) to create a model in minecraft and then have it partially render, like from the bottom to the top, gradually.  I've Googled both of the terms in the title and can't think of any others that people would use to describe this.


If it is possible, could someone point me in a direction or tell me what function(s) to look at?  I honestly can't think of any vanilla models that do what I'm looking for without using the texture animation or textures based on damage.  If it helps, the idea is making an orb that "fills" with liquid, but as we all know scaling a model from the center is more an air sort of thing.  Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you!

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You could use the tessellator directly, to draw your liquid level.  It's a cube, I presume?


Eg see here



Just change (eg) the top z coordinates to draw the amount of liquid you need.


There are also various OpenGL commands that let you add clipping planes when you draw, never done that myself but it doesn't look too hard.

This guide to OpenGL is pretty useful




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Unfortunately, it's not a cube.  As a cube, I'd consider it simply scaling from 0 to 1 in one of the axis.

I can't seem to find any data specifically on clipping planes, but I'm still looking around.  Thank you for the links, however.  They'll help once I evolve from using Techne. :)

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It almost sounds like you are trying to make an animation... Is that what you are trying to do? If you are trying to make an animation like that, it makes me think Timer (TickHandler in Minecraft terms?). Every so many ticks update the height of the model etc..


Is that the behaviour you are trying to achieve?

We all stuff up sometimes... But I seem to be at the bottom of that pot.

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Exactly, except most ways I can think of wouldn't work with anything more complex than a cube.  My orb is roughly 7 pieces, though I'm debating on upping that to 13, pending the results of my findings with OpenGL clipping.  Now, I can do really basic scaling on the z axis for individual pieces and probably get them to sync up but I was hoping I could find a simpler way, thus the partial rendering / render clipping.


Render clipping planes would technically allow me to "fill" an orb by cutting off the top of a pre-rendered model and slowly raising that cut, rat hater than individual renders of each piece being synced up.

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