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  1. As Kineriderf has said, use your own custom IRecipe class. They are absolutely great for all sorts of complex recipies
  2. With the on message method, you can return a message to the client... Wait, nevermind. What I was going to say is you could have a boolean passed in to the constructor representing whether or not you want to "send" it to the server or not. That boolean then determines whether or not the onMessage updates the server side values, or returns the packet to update the client. Maybe you can subclass say MainPacket and call the child class MainPacketClient and just pass all functionality to the super class? It could potentially lead somewhere.
  3. No, shieldbug1 is correct. The method body is the { and } When making an interface, the methods are declared as: public interface SomeInterface { void someMethod(int par1, String par2String, Object par3Object); } And then we can get onto the actual topic of API's themselves. Anything that is a public/public static method can be called an API. The definition of what is an API in one's code... It's a very obscure line.
  4. From the looks of your error, you aren't implementing an interface, or not extending something. That's all I got for a ClassCastException.
  5. I use source tree on a mac, and its great I use in conjunction with bit u bitbucket though l, so I am not sure of there are any different quirks with github. I highly doubt its different. Aside from that, its great! @jabelar I personally use command line on my wondow
  6. I have two ideas on how to do this. My interests would lead me to use recursion. The other option is to use a do- ... Wait. You will need two for loops and recursion.
  7. * sighs * If one is to interpret the question how you have, they must be pretty one sided. I assume that the OP is asking to add extra data to a tile entity. And I have no clue who you are ripping into about being insistent on using IExtendedEntityProperties. Seeing as I am the only one who mentioned it, I assume that was aimed at me. Please retake your 6th grade English class. It will serve you well.
  8. I'm fairly certain that tile entities are subclassing an Entity class of some sort aren't they? If so, what is stopping one from adding an IExtendedEntityProperties?
  9. By fall into the ground - they never get above ground again. The spawn egg spawns it fine, whereas mine doesn't. The only thing I changed with the code is make it so it always spawns the same entity. This seems to break it As to adding y + 1 I don't think that fixes it. Will test that Yeah.. Doesn't fix it. +5 doesn't do anything either.
  10. Basically I am making a "custom spawn egg". While not a custom spawn egg, I want to have the same behaviour - spawn an entity on item use/right click. Everything I have tried has resulted in the Entity spawning, then falling into the ground... Any ideas what the "right" way to do this is? NOTE: I have already tried copy/pasting ItemMonsterPlacer (spawn egg) code and tweaking it slightly, but it doesn't work either.
  11. The biggest difference is this: Animation. You CAN animate Minecraft models. You CANNOT animate .obj files easily. At least, that is what I have been led to understand.
  12. There is a much better way. In your Server Proxy, make a method called getPlayerFromMessageContext(MessageContext ctx) and make it return ctx.getServerHandler().playerEntity Then, in your Client Proxy, override it and just return Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer It is a much better solution than GotoLink's suggestion because you don't have to.check for sides and no @SideOnly's are needed. Basically this is what diesieben07 suggested.
  13. Well, if there is a PlayerPlaceBlockEvent or something along those lines, you could check to see if the placed block was an instance of BlockChest and then retrieve the tile entity at the coordinates of the placed block (this would only work with a place block event that is called when the player has FINISHED placing the block).
  14. Of course I can. Have you gone full debug mode on your code? Sysouts in the read/write methods to see if the are actually called? And just a note, the read/wrote methods are called... Somewhere but it is all handled by TileEntity. And TileEntities are entities, therefore, only entities have NBT. As for what you did wrong... Could be all manner of things. You never know.
  15. Kriki, what are you on about??? You do realize you can't add that into the pre-existing blocks, right? So can you please elaborate?
  16. @Kriki98 That's NBT... All it is is a wrapper for it really.
  17. NBT is Minecraft's in built storage system. Need I say more?
  18. EntityPlayerMP is server side only. You need to do a check to !world.isRemote - then you transfer the player.
  19. You see that nbt tag passed into the read/write nbt methods? Yeah, those. Use that nbt instance passed in. You don't have to call the read/write methods, Minecraft does that for you (only in entities, and stuff like that... Yeah... Only entities). So, you just need to write/read from that nbt tag instance passed in.
  20. Well... That was... What exactly is that? A hallucination? I don't know. Which issue does that address? Both? You caught me before napping as it were.
  21. I am wondering if it is possible to make a generic crafting recipe. Something the lines of, say: XXX XAX XXX Where X is Items.diamond and A is any block. (purely an example) And I am also wondering if you can make an "infinite" crafting recipe, say: 1 and 1 give 2 - 2 and 2 give 3 - 3 and 3 give 4 - 4 and 4 give 5 etc., etc., etc.. Any help/suggestions/creative thinking/hallucinations welcome.
  22. If you mean leaves disappear when placed by a player when you say what you said, then try sticking a wood block next to those leaves. If that isn't what you meant... * shrugs * learn how to use ASM and add a flag to blocks as to whether or not they were placed by a player. As TGG said, a lot of hassle and not really worth it.
  23. Can I strongly suggest that you use this naming convention for class names? Capitalized as opposed to notCapitalized
  24. I wouldn't go so far as to call this stupid... Aside from a better way that I don't know, this is exactly what I would do. The only potential problem I am seeing is - well, does your dynamic texture loader work yet? If it does, no problems from me.
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