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Help starting a jetpack mod...


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Hello all!


First, I should mention I have only been working on mods for about a week now, so super new at this, and pretty new at writing code in general.  I had zero Java experience before this week, so forgive my ignorance in advance...


I have designed a 3D model for a jet pack I want to mod into minecraft.

This is going to be part of a larger mod, but I am starting with the jet pack, because it sounded fun mostly.

I have already gotten some first steps down, making a small mod that added some blocks, ore, tools/weapons, a creative tab, a mob, and armor to the game.

I started to look into adding 3D models to my mod, and ended up designing a jet pack...

Now I want to use the model before I get back to the previous mod, which is nearly finished anyway.

I have been looking online for a while, but it seems if you search for any combination of flying, jetpack, and minecraft, all you get is a litany of mods that have already been made, and I can't find any tutorials to get me started.


I am thinking a key binding would work, but I want the jet pack to lift you when the space bar is held, and you would start falling when letting the space bar up.  I am not sure if key bindings work in this way, and thought it might be quicker just to ask if anyone could give me a few pointers on what I am looking for, so I have something to reference when working out the mod...

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I suggest you learn more about Java and modding before you tackle something so complex as this.

if (user.hasKnowledgeOfJava) {

    if (user.question.hasCode) {

        return interpetHelpfulResponse(user.getQuestion());

    } else {

        return "Could you post your code please?";


} else {

    return "Learn some freaking Java!";


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Super dig your sig line...

Guess I fell all the way to the last else statement with me first questions... :/


I really figured it wouldn't be too awful hard.  I was imagining something along the lines of an if statement in armor class about the space bar being held down, accelerate up @ "x" speed.  basically extending the jump function until the button is released.

With as many flight mods as there are out there, I have been surprised at how little information I can find on it.


I found a small tutorial on how to write a simple fly mod that allows you to fly the same as in creative mode, but it was kind of hard to follow.


I am in the process of learning Java so I can eventually write my own game.  Learned enough to be able to follow along with the modding tutorials, and have a decent little mod going already.  I have a mod in my regular minecraft that includes a jet pack already.  I like the mechanics of it, but really wanted to have a 3D jet pack on my back when wearing it.


I am mostly looking for documentation on it, but I will go back to my other mod, and finish it up.  Hope to find something in the process.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I will keep looking.  I learn better in process.  :)

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Found what I was looking for on another forum.

Ended up being fairly simple code....

Even ended up with some particles and sound, which I wasn't even looking for yet :D


Have a few things to tweak, but I should be in good shape now!

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