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[1.6.4] help fml mod sorting failed

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Like the title, I'm having issues with it sorting? I'm not sure why. 


"A mod sorting cycle was detected and loading cannot continue

The first mod in the cycle is FMLMod:IC2{2.0.397-experimental}"


I've been looking around the net for awhile now and have had no luck getting this bug fixed.  I have the log file to help as it is no help to me lol its like spanish.  I've read the EAQ and common issues, not listed.



Log file:



Any help would be great!

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That's obvious, isn't it.

The mod makers have no idea how to work out their dependency issues.

IC2API set the hard order wanting IC2 first and then itself and finally pretty much all the other mods after - but TE requires to be loaded before IC2, and after ForgeMultipart (which UE wants to be before).

TE, IC2, IC2API, UE, aobd - all depend on others that depend on them

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Your mod's makers (developers) have their mods involved in a load-order cat-fight! Nothing can get in the middle of that and fix it. Talk to own or more of the developers.

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