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[1.7.2] [ForgeGradle] setupDecompWorkspace, and idea not giving access to MC src


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I set up my IDEA environment by doing the following:

Folder, toss the contents of the forge source zip in it, delete the example mod

gradlew setupDecompWorkspace
gradlew idea


When I go to open a class from Vanilla or FML, but not forge, it warns: Source not found, and puts /* compiled code */ in place of the code I want to read.


The code from both appears to be deobfuscated, however not decompiled.

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I poked around a bit more, and IDEA is being highly strange. I invalidated caches, nothing changed, and looking at project structure>libraries, it HAS the source jar that contains the MC source, but it isn't using it for actually displaying things... Yay.

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I also have the same problem. Should we submit it as a bug?

if (user.hasKnowledgeOfJava) {

    if (user.question.hasCode) {

        return interpetHelpfulResponse(user.getQuestion());

    } else {

        return "Could you post your code please?";


} else {

    return "Learn some freaking Java!";


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