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Interesting bug that only affects me (everyone else on server is fine)


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So my mod was working fine yesterday when I launched it through Eclipse. Today, I made no changes to the code, I just compiled it. Now, whenever I launch my mod, either through Eclipse or through Minecraft, my GUI looks like this: ZbProm3.jpg


It affects every GUI that I can open; pause menu, crafting, inventory, etc, and any GUI that any other mod provides, like the minimap. I tried on a fresh version of Forge, and the only difference was that I had nothing but a blue screen. Like the screen you get when you run out of memory, but I could pause (nothing happened but a cursor appeared) and control my character (could hear my footsteps, and other players can I was moving). I tried removing the mod from forge, and it fixed it.


Has anyone experienced this error before, or know what causes it? And as I said, it does not affect any players but me.

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I'm not very familiar with GUI's as much as others, and I have also never seen this bug before.


Post your code and maybe I can or someone else can figure it out.


Since you said that everyone else's was working in the title, you must've done the textures right then.

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I must ask, were the other people using your mod or was it just you? If that was the case... Hmm, I wonder why it was just you!


If the others were using your mod... Hmm, post the code.

We all stuff up sometimes... But I seem to be at the bottom of that pot.

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I get a "blue screen" (it is a bit paler color than actual windows blue screen) sometimes when I screw up rendering.  And your issue here seems to be some rendering scaling problem.


I suggest that maybe you're not pushing/popping the g11 transforms properly.  You probably are messing up the stack and some transform is affecting the next rendered element.


I know you say you didn't modify your code, but sometimes I leave Eclipse open on my computer with something highlighted and then someone (maybe me) comes along later to wake up the computer and presses space bar.  It can easily wipe out a line or section of code without you really noticing.


Anyway, I'd look everywhere you do rendering and especially g11 transformations.

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The thing is, I was playing on the same server with the exact same .jar as two other people, and it didn't affect them at all. Also, I haven't used any GL11 scaling anywhere in my mod.


However, as you mentioned, it is that pale blue colour that you get when Minecraft runs out of memory.

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Memory and stack issues can exhibit quite different behavior on different computers.  For example, maybe g11 clears out occasionally and depends on the timing -- on some computers they may not run into stack trouble as fast as on yours.


What Forge version exactly are you using?  I find that with the latest (1133) that I'm getting occasionally VM heap problems even though I've got 4GB heap paramters for the JVM and I'm also not doing much fancy.  Is it possible that you're running slightly different Forge version than the other users?

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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