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[1.7.10][Beta]Draconic Evolution


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Draconic Evolution is a mod i originally started working on for the TolkienCraft mod pack.



This is a mod that adds a lot of hight tier items such as tools and armor as well as some high tier energy storage and a lot of other random features such as:


-mob farming (spawning+killing)

-player detection

-Time and Weather control

And much more with new features being added with each update.


You can find all available info for this mod at http://www.tolkiencraft.com/draconic-evolution


This mod is now hosted on CurseForge


I also have a public github repository for my mod: https://github.com/brandon3055/Draconic-Evolution


I am the author of Draconic Evolution

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I havent really done anything with this thread since the initial post so i decided to update it and post some of the main changes since the initial release.


  • Implemented the cofh energy API for all of the tools and most of the machines
  • Added a Multiblock structure for storing immense amounts of RF Energy

  • All items in the game can be placed in the world as a block

  • Added a ritual to summon the Ender Dragon


And Much Much more!


I am the author of Draconic Evolution

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  • 1 month later...

Draconic Evolution version 0.9.5-beta is now public!


Change log:

-Added safety matches

-Recipe Handler now uses the ore dictionary

-Added charged versions of all the tools to the creative menu

-Added Ender Comets

-Added Chaos Islands (WIP)

-Added Chaos Guardian (OP Enderdragon)

-Adjusted the ender arrow range

-Added Admin spawn egg (a spawn egg that can be set to any custom entity)

-Ender arrow damage is now based on the distance travelled (100 blocks is fatal without fall protection of some sort)

-Draconic helm clears negative potion effects

-Added Draconic Evolution info guide (An in game information gui similar to those used by other mods)

-Added Diss-Enchanter

-Added Pigmen Blood Rage

-Moved camouflage slot in advanced player detector gui.

-Advanced player detector now shows that block it is camouflaged as in its mouse over text (e.g. WAILA)

-Placed items are now solid.

-All mobs killed by the mob grinder now drop loot and player only loot.



I am the author of Draconic Evolution

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  • 1 month later...

Draconic  Evolution v1.0.0 is now public!!!


Change log:

-Added Dislocator Stand.

-Re wrote the advanced charm of dislocation.

  >Re designed gui.

  >Can now teleport other players if they give consent (by sneaking)

  >Can now scroll through the destinations by holding shift and scrolling.

  >Now stores 100 destinations.

-Switched to the new IMessage network system (Fixes minor memory leak)

-Hid items that should not be shown in nei.

-Added Draconic Chest.

-Draconium ore now drops 4 - 12 dust when harvested with fortune 3 as opposed to 2 - 8.

-Re wrote a lot of the damage and effect code for armor.

-Armor now uses RF.

-Re wrote most item information code.

-Added lore to language localization.

-Added config option to disable item lore.

-Tools are now enchantable.

-Fixed knockback not working.

-Fixed staff not mining some blocks at correct speed.

-Fixed some rendering bugginess with the particle gen.

-Removed 0.9.3-beta update fix.

-Grinder now kills in a 9x9x9 area 4 blocks bellow and 4 blocks above the grinder.

-You can now shift right click the grinder to display the kill area.

-Reduced energy usage of the tools from 450RF to 80RF per block.

-Reduced energy usage of the swords from 1000RF per hit to 250RF.

-Increased charge rates 5x.

-Added Awakened Draconium.

-Added Awakened Draconium Block.

-Added Wyvern Core (Crafting component)

-Added Awakened Core (Crafting component)

-Removed Draconic Compound.

-Removed Infused Compound.

-Added Wyvern Energy Core (Crafting component)

-Added Draconic Energy Core (Crafting component)

-Added Wyvern Flux Capacitor.

-Added Draconic Flux Capacitor.

-Added Ritual of Draconic Awakening.

-Changed a lot of crafting recipes.

-Changed the energy core and energy pylon (block) texture.

-Improved bow VOF manipulation.

-Added Achievements.

-Changed stabilized spawner upgrade requirements.

-Dislocators can now also teleport player mounts.

-Increased Energy pylon max transfer to 2,147,483,647 RF/t

-Energy core now changes colour to red as it fills.

-Draconic Helm prevents mining slowdown under water.

-Draconic Chest stops mining slowdown when flying.

-If an Energy Pylon is within range of multiple cores the core it is connected to can be toggled.

-Tools and armor now retain their energy when upgraded to draconic

-Added a recipe to create dirt from sand rotten flesh and plant matter

I am the author of Draconic Evolution

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