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Rendering a block like an item.


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I am trying to custom render a block, but I just want to render it like an item; it will be one pixel high, and have transparent parts. Let's just take, for example, a sword (laying flat), and say I am trying to render that as my 1px high cube.


Since I will be rendering this just like an item, is there any way that I can easily do this using built-in functionality? I would like to be able to just make a single image, and somehow display it as my block, but 1px thick, and not have to make a lot of textures for each item I plan to do this with.


I might just be over-thinking this, but I figured this was the place to ask anyways.


Thanks in advance for all your help!



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The code in ItemRenderer.renderItemIn2D takes a part of a texture and renders it so it looks like the vanilla items, i.e. flat but with a small thickness..


You just need to provide it with the icon texture coordinates and it does the rest.  Should work for blocks too.





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