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Item Rendering in Gui


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I am unsure what you mean. Do you have a GuiContainer (displaying an inventory) and want to turn off the inventory?

I want all Items,. they are in your inventory, are away, so there icons are away, not the items,so you can't see them anymore

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Are you trying to hide all item in your container?

If so, the player's creative container does a cheaty way of hiding all items. It lifts them up by a couple thousand positions in the y coordinate.


First of all, save the y positions of all the slots you want to 'hide' in an array, to keep the actual y position if you want to show the slots again. If you do not want to show them afterwards, you can skip this.

[All of this code should be added to your guicontainer class]




private boolean _showOptions = false; //To control whether or not if you want to show or hide the slots.
private int[] _slotPosY = new int[16]; //My container contains 16 slots, you can change this number to how many yours has.

//In some load/initialization method eg. GuiScreen#initGui()
/** Saving the containerslots'  y pos in an array. */
public void saveYPos() {
for(int i = 1; i < 16; i++) //I am skipping the first slot of my container, it's not part of the ones I want to move.
_slotPosY[i] = _container.getSlot(i).yDisplayPosition;




You're talking about a button (on/off switch?), that's perfect to move the slots up.




protected void actionPerformed(GuiButton guibutton) {
if (guibutton instanceof GuiButtonOptions) {
this._showOptions = !this._showOptions;
for(int i = 1; i < 16; i++) //again skipping the first one.
this._container.getSlot(i).yDisplayPosition = this._showOptions ? -2000 : this._slotPosY[i];



Whenever you click on a button, for me it's when I click on a button which is an instance of GuiButtonOptions, it's set's the showOptions state to not equals to showOptions. ( if you're using id's for your buttons, you can just change this line to check whether the button id is the button for hiding the slots)

Then I am moving all the container's slots up by 2000 (- = negative guitop) whether the showOptions is true, else I am setting their y position back on their original position using the array.


I have used it in my entity's container as well, works fine for me.

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