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[SOLVED] [1.6.4] Issues With Pulverizer Recipes - Not Working


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I'm having some issues with the Pulverizer recipes using NBT data in 1.6.4. This is the pastebin of my Recipes file:




The init() method is called in my main mod file, where everything is called from its respective reference file, and everything else on my mod alone works fine. However, when I add the pulverizer recipes, and load it in game, nothing happens. The pulverizer also had infinite power due to me having a Creative Energy Cell behind it. When I put iron ore in it, it worked; however, when I put my blocks/items in it, nothing happened. I asked around at the TE IRC chat, but no one could help me there because they were as perplexed as I was.


This is the reference that I was/am using:




I thought maybe at first I didn't have the updated version of my mod on my list, but I checked and the new stuff from my mod was there. It's just this one part that won't work. I read here in a topic earlier that I shouldn't need the actual API/src of Thermal Expansion itself, since this is purely NBT, but it's not working. One of the people in the IRC chat said his 'experiments' with the Crucible (which were very similar in fashion to what I'm doing with the pulverizer) were successful, and couldn't identify the problem. As I said there, I'm sure it's something simple, but I'm stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.




This is the Forge-Client-Loader-0 file:




It sends an IMCEvent/message, but it always says 0. It attempts to send '7 messages' to ThermalExpansion, but I'm guessing it doesn't receive them. Still at a loss, but I found out that much. Again, any help at all would be awesome.




Well, this is really awkward to solve my own issue here... but I got help from someone else and I fixed it. Thanks anyway. :)


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We're very user-friendly and we love to help - no one will treat you badly. :)

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