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[1.7.2]Packet Leaking Help


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Hello everyone i was doing a basic packet sending using my own custom mobs using netty tutorial . Now since i have several packets i usually received in console box this code


Something like this

packet leak "BearsWorld" : 100


im basic in modding thou

And as i search i saw diesieben07 tutorial but i was confuse since what i need most methods is not in there.


like the handle client side and stuff


heres one of  my packet bear actually


public class PacketAIBearLover extends AbstractPacket {
private byte animID;
private int entityID;

public PacketAIBearLover() {


public PacketAIBearLover(byte anim, EntityBearLover entity) {
	animID = anim;
	entityID = entity.getEntityId();

public void encodeInto(ChannelHandlerContext ctx, ByteBuf buffer) {

public void decodeInto(ChannelHandlerContext ctx, ByteBuf buffer) {
	animID = buffer.readByte();
	entityID = buffer.readInt();

public void handleClientSide(EntityPlayer player) {
	EntityBearLover entity = (EntityBearLover)player.worldObj.getEntityByID(entityID);
	if(entity != null && animID != -1){
		if(animID == 0) entity.setAttackTick(0);

public void handleServerSide(EntityPlayer player) {



Please help me how would i start using the IMessageHandler i think or IMessage im really confuse on those

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