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[1.7.2] Bow with Multiple Arrows?


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Hello MCF forums,

I would like to know how i would go about making a bow that fires multiple arrows but off-set from where the normal bow spawns its arrow. I have tried(i know that what i tried was most likely a nooby way to try to do it but i tried and its the effort that counts xD): 'if (!par2World.isRemote) {


            par2World.spawnEntityInWorld(entityarrow) + 2;' in my onPlayerStopUsing method but it gives me any error.


Thank you,


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You know how you create the EntityArrow in the first place?

EntityArrow arrow = new EntityArrow(world, player, charge);

Well, once you've done that and before you spawn it into the world, you can alter the arrow.posX, arrow.posY, arrow.posZ slightly. Create two (or more) arrow entities, leave the first one unchanged, and change the others as you need. You might want to look into the player's lookVector or you will find your arrows look right only in one direction.

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Ok cool i got it to work.  Thank you for you help collAlias. Here is what i used for anyone that needs it.

public void onPlayerStoppedUsing(ItemStack par1ItemStack, World par2World, EntityPlayer par3EntityPlayer, int par4)
        int j = this.getMaxItemUseDuration(par1ItemStack) - par4;

        ArrowLooseEvent event = new ArrowLooseEvent(par3EntityPlayer, par1ItemStack, j);
        if (event.isCanceled())
        j = event.charge;

        boolean flag = par3EntityPlayer.capabilities.isCreativeMode || EnchantmentHelper.getEnchantmentLevel(Enchantment.infinity.effectId, par1ItemStack) > 0;

        if (flag || par3EntityPlayer.inventory.hasItem(Items.arrow))
            float f = (float)j / 20.0F;
            f = (f * f + f * 2.0F) / 3.0F;

            if ((double)f < 0.1D) {

            if (f > 1.0F) {
                f = 10.0F;

            EntityArrow entityarrow = new EntityArrow(par2World, par3EntityPlayer, f * 2.0F);
            EntityArrow entityarrow1 = new EntityArrow(par2World, par3EntityPlayer, f * 2.0F);
            EntityArrow entityarrow2 = new EntityArrow(par2World, par3EntityPlayer, f * 2.0F);
            double pos1x = entityarrow1.posX + 0D;
            double pos1y = entityarrow1.posY + 1D;
            double pos1z = entityarrow1.posZ + 0D;
            entityarrow1.setPosition(pos1x, pos1y, pos1z);

            if (f == 1.0F) {

            par1ItemStack.damageItem(1, par3EntityPlayer);
            par2World.playSoundAtEntity(par3EntityPlayer, "random.bow", 1.0F, 1.0F / (itemRand.nextFloat() * 0.4F + 1.2F) + f * 0.5F);

            if (flag)  {
            	entityarrow.canBePickedUp = 2;
            else {

            if (!par2World.isRemote) {

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