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[1.7.10]How do I check if an item has variants?


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In 1.6.4 I could check if an Item has variants (like wool and carpet) like so:


Item i = ...;

if (i.getHasSubtypes())


And for wool or carpet it would print 16 however this doesn't seem to work in forge ( for 1.7.10:


Item i = ...;

System.out.format("%s -> %d\n", i.getUnlocalizedName(), i.getHasSubtypes() ? 1 : 0);
System.out.format("%s -> %d\n", i.getUnlocalizedName(), i.getMaxDamage());




tile.cloth -> 1
tile.cloth -> 0


Shouldn't that 0 be a 16? What's the correct way of checking if an Item has subtypes and getting the number of subtypes? I know that block ids is or are being phased out but blocks and stuff still have ids according to NEI,

I like trains.

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I'm not sure how it works under the hood but instances of the Item class have a getSubItems method, not a getSubBlocks method which makes sense I guess. However the BlockWood class has a getSubBlocks method. I dunno lol.


I don't know what's going on here. I'm looking at the BlockWood class and it defines an array of the six log types but when I iterate through Item.itemRegistry, Acacia and Dark Oak show up later on after stained glass panes.

I like trains.

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No the mod I'm working on has no items or blocks.


I'm the maker on the Minecraft Resource Calculator, all the items and recipes are stored in JSON files with each mod having its own file. Adding support for a mod can be quite complicated depending on how large it is. I want to try and make it easier by taking all the items and recipes (I know I'd need extra code for some mods) in minecraft and dumping them to a MySQL database. The SQL stuff I can do, it's just doing what I want within Minecraft.

I like trains.

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Ah, that sounds interesting. Good luck with that!


I am sure you can just make an exporter export all registered items (and subtypes of these), all oredictionary ores, all blocks, all recipes etc.


I am not quite sure about the specifics of your current issue is, though.

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