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Need some informtions about ID

Crystal Noir

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Hello all,


I am new in minecraft mod making and I try to follow the wiki's tutorials. But I have a small question regarding ID. I understand that ID's represent an identifier for a block or items. But how do modders choose an ID for their blocks ?


I mean, imagine a brand new big modpack with 50+ mod how to be sure that our mod will work with these pack. I don't understand how these ID are managed.


Thank you in advance for your help,


(Sorry for my english....)

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In ye olden days (1.6.4 or lower) you had to choose your own block IDs.

But now (1.7.2 onwards) you don't use blockIDs any more.  It gets created for you and you don't need to worry about it.


This site might help explain it more.






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Thank you for your replay. I understand. But for now, I code for 1.6.4 to make my mod compatible with somes modpack and I try to understand how to choose one in this case. Is there many rules or something special or I have to try myself and change if there is a problem ?

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Don't have choice for now, we play with 1.6.4 modpacks.


A bonus question please : In 1.7.X version we don't have to choose an ID but in my mod if I change an item or a block, when compile is minecraft will now that is the same tool upgraded or will it create a new id ?

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here is your problem. Fix it.


This is not my modpack, and there isn't any in 1.7 for now. But it should be better if I could code for 1.7. I'm just make some personal mods for us and for fun. And the map and pack we play are in 1.6.4 :-s


May be I should concentrate myself on 1.7 but if I want us to play with my small mod I have to make it compatible.

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Dude modpacks are useless.

In 1.7, yes. In 1.6 they did the ID resolution for you, so you would have a good reason to use them.

That is completely wrong. Modpacks never had that type of code. They never had any code at all.

And if you think about config files, sharing those never required packing the mods with them...nor does it require uploading anything, since they are simple text files shareable with a single copy/paste on any forum.


The idea itself of modpacks is purely pointless. Some people simply made it a trend for their own personal gain.

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And you totally missed my point.

Let me be as clear as i can:


Modpacks=Bunch of mods=No added value compared to the mods themselves=Pointless

Laucher/Installer/Patcher=Launch/Install/Patch=Added value=Not pointless (though the point can be dumb as you described)

Their possible relationship is irrelevant.

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