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Finding a TileEntity if it is not in world.loadedTileEntityList?


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Hi, I am currently writing a mod that looks for TileEntity that I know are in loaded chunks.(This is done client side) but when I address mc.theWorld.loadedTileEntityList. That tile entity is not in the list. However I know it exists because I can stand on top of it and use world.getTileEntity(player.posx,player.posy-2, player.posz) and It gets returned just fine.


Does anyone know of a way to find all of the TileEntities that are not in the loadedTileEntityList?

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I think that TileEntities only get put onto that list if they need updating i.e. the world needs to call tileEntity.updateEntity().


I don't think there is a client-side list for all tileEntities including those that don't need updating.


Are these your own TIleEntities you're looking for? Or do you need to find vanilla as well?



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