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[1.6.4] Custom Furnace GUI Bug/Issue


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Okay, so I'm not sure what's wrong with my furnace. I've been following ScratchForFun's youtube series on how to make a custom Furnace, and whilst I understand most of the Java, I'm struggling to identify what's going on for my issue.


The GUI works, well, it opens. I can add one of each item, but it like, duplicates but disappears if put with another stack or thrown or whatever.


Here is a download for my source code, as I have no idea where my error is coming from. (It's the Kercite Furnace btw)




Thanks people!

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ScratchForFuns GUI furnace tutorials are halfway written in 1.6.2 and than later written in 1.6.4 and while i understand there should be very little difference, he doesn't account for any of it. The 7+ hours of commentary aside, I'd recommend you find another source for learning who to copy GUI's from. I had nothing but trouble myself while trying to fallow along and the end result was buggy.


I found a different tutorial from a user on MCF.



Only problem I have was having to use his render class. But given I'm a pleb and was only looking for a quick fix (like you are), i just went with it and it worked just fine.

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I have no idea why you guys are all watching these 'tutorials' and then be sad.


These 'tutorials' basicly are copies of the normal, vanilla code.

It might be a little bit modified, but not a whole lot.


Why don't you just take a loot at the vanilla code and try to modify it with that information.

Coding, Testing, Smiling, Publishing!

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