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[1.6.4] Sounds cutting out


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I have been working on my mod for about 6 months and am nearly complete, and have run into an annoying sound bug on the final boss battle. It seems like the sound engine becomes overloaded due to numerous sounds. The boss has his own music and numerous sound effects, and he spawns minions at random intervals that each have additional sound effects. It seems as though the sound engine can only handle a certain number of sounds before it becomes confused and starts cutting out earlier sounds (and the music).


I've been all over the forums and reviewed various tutorials, but I haven't seen mention of this problem. Has anyone run across this issue? Is there another way to play sound I should be looking at? For instance, is there a way to force-play background music? I'm just using playSoundatEntity.


Any help appreciated.



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Ok. I was not able to get PlayBackgroundMusicEvent to work either, so I tried a completely different method.


The real problem here is the inability to thread sounds in 1.6.4. This is only an issue if you have a lot of sounds happening at the same time, and hurts in particular if you have a long sound (like 120 seconds of boss music). So, to fix it, I broke the song up into multiple parts of about 2-4 seconds each (there are many repeats), and timed them to play one after another using the 20 ticks/second rule. In other words, I just threaded it myself. This was also helpful in making sure the music ended when the boss died. It helped that the song was in an easily translated meter and had natural breaks.


Looking forward to seeing how the sound engine is improved in 1.7.2.


Cap'n Kirok

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