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mother of seven year old needs help!!!

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I hope someone can help me, I am desperate!  I have a little girl who really wants to install the JurassicCraft mod in Minecraft, except me, her mother, doesn't know how to do it. So can someone please explain it to me, step by step, how to intall Minecraft Forge and then JurassicCraft and any installers or loaders that I might need. And when you go to exaplain it to me, please do so in excruciating detail so I get every single step.  I am running Windows 7 if that helps.  Thanks in advance.


Cheers, MinecraftMother!!



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Step one:  go to files.minecraftforge.net

Step two:  find out what version of minecraft jurassicraft runs on

Step three: download the recommended INSTALLER for the version of minecraft you found

Step four:  run the installer, follow the instructions

Step five:    drag and drop whatever jurassicraft download file you got into the mods folder.

                  to find this folder, open up the task menu thingy, and type %appdata%.

                  open the .minecraft folder, and locate the mods folder.

Step six:    when you open up minecraft, please be sure to select whatever profile the forge installer had you set up.

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