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mc1.7.2-Forge10.12.2.1121 Structure Gen


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I have large schematics that I want to use In my mod and I place them into MCreator to be converted and I get the error that they are larger than 1600 blocks, so I get the code(Just the world.setBlock() code) and place it into my custom application that will split that code into multiple methods and export the file. I then edit the file name and package so it will work with my mod. I then register the generator with GameRegistry.registerWorldGenerator();. Then I try and load the world and if I set the spawnCount to be like 100 to 1000. I cannot find the structure anywhere. Then I set The spawnCount to 500000 and saw the structure all over, but only part of it was spawned. What is going on? I am on a mac and The Links for What I have used are below.



Method Splitter


Just Double-Click the jar to run it. Thanks!

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