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2 problems with custom GUI


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Hello everyone, I'm trying to make 2 GUIs and both of them have problems:


1) In this GUI I should be able to insert an item in the only slot of my item (headPhones). The problems are:

    1) I can't interact with the player inventory, in any way

    2) In the container slot there's the item that's in the 2nd slot of the player's hotbar, I don't know why.


Here are the classes I used:







2) This GUI should allow the player to manage Links (I'm making a radio mod), I have 2 textFields and some buttons. The problem is that I can't interact with the textFields, in any way, neither clicking them nor using "textfield.setText("Test Text");". I even tried using a variable to get the String that is inserted.


Here are the classed used:







Any help, clarifications, suggestions would be really appreciated, thanks.

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The reason nobody helps much on these inventory issues is that it is very involved to look through all the code.


2nd, people tend to use their own convention instead of following the tutorials which normally causes the error.


In your case, you didn't follow the tutorials at all.  Read them again and start over.  There will never be a way to interact with the players inventory if you have client only functionality defined.

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Happy to try and help

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I think I see your problem, in your gui handler class you are returning null, rather than your container, in getServerGuiElement and returning the container rather than the gui in the getClientGuiElement.  You may have other issues but that is the only issues I see at first glance.

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I had the 2nd problem as well. You assigned the slot the players internal inventory. You need to assign it to the tile entity, which should be implementing IInventory. I didnt look through your code, but thats most likely the error.


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