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  1. Is that a star wars walker? Cool.
  2. On the client or server side, set something up that runs each world tick, use a random chance to execute, then inside the execute, put a sleep command. you will have to play with the random chances and sleep to get it right, but should work.
  3. With the lookvec there is a method to find the first non air block it finds to check for collisions. I can't remember the name off the top of my head. However, if you look out 100 blocks or so and see nothing but air, safe to say you can see the sky. You need to play with the number until you are happy with it. To see the moon though, you need to know exactly where it is in the sky. the celestial angle will not be the whole story, there is another axis. That is going to get somewhat complicated. I think the moons/sun probably travels upon the x or z axis and the angle refers to the other axis. There will be some trig in there for you to figure out what angle to the player that is and check to see if his look vector lines up with it. Are you sure you want to do this? Its going to get messy.
  4. There is still a way to make 3D techne type models for held items and such, but it is very complicated. Not something to start off with. Stick with the normal methods for now.
  5. That sounds right for what I'm remembering. There is no reason he can't intercept the incoming and do what he is describing.
  6. Diesienben07, I don't remember the server event exactly, but I know i'm intercepting all chat messages and changing them on the server. I then send the message to each player with the added details. It sounds like what he wants to do is just that. Only, he needs to only change it for that one player. If that doesn't strike a cord to you on what he needs to do, I'll look it up tonight.
  7. Did you experiment at all? try setRaining(false)? Look at the where the vanilla used that and see what it changes?
  8. He could so long as he records if it has been run and doesn't run again. Silly way to do it though.
  9. Look for tutorials on tick handler or events. It is the method you can use for your trigger. you will have to implement a basic timer for 200 ticks from it. There is an equivalent getserver().getOnlinePlayers, I just don't remember the context off the top of my head. might be "MinecraftServer().getserver.....", you will have to check. Change Player to EntityPlayer. All your file stuff for writing should be fine.
  10. I'll give you one other idea though it will cause you such headache, I'd stick with what you did. If you keep track of the spawner in the entity (nbt) and the uuid in the tile (nbt) then: - You can force the entity to communicate to the tile and see if still on list. If not, die. - tile checks to see if its entities exist on some loop, and deletes if not found - There will be times if the thing wanders enough that the tile is loaded and the entity is not or vice versa. If you write the tile entity code check right, the nbt should load and all should be fine in that direction. However, if the tile is loaded and the entity isn't, then the above stuff would have marked the entity dead and taken off the list. Of course you could also wait a really long time to cull your list and instead respawn if the found alive entities on the list where still around, ect. There are a bunch of different ways to skin this, but they are all lacking in some way due to there being no way to make sure the entity chunk and the tile chunk are loaded.
  11. Are you using eclipse? you just run both a server and a client instance from inside it. Tons of tuts on it. Then connect to your own little temp fake server.
  12. I'm assuming your ran a client / server in dev environment and de-op'd your toon for testing? vs just running a singleplayer instance.
  13. What it sounds like you want to do is to place a regular 'dirt' block, but this dirt block is unbreakable. If you want to do that for any vanilla block, you will have to keep a list of the BlockPos and check against it when BreakEvent happens. That could get ugly fast depending how many of these you set. If you only have a small list of blocks you want to do this with, you could create your own block that uses the same image and display name as the vanilla blocks and it would be cleaner.
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