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How to give Entities a health boost if special Armour is worn?


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Heyho Guys!

I created some armour which should give the player (or Mob) which is wearing it a health boost. The problem is: If I use the potion Effect to manage this, the extra hearts never regenerate because they are resetted if I re-apply the potion effect every Tick. How can I fix this issue to create an armour that increases your maximum health?

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Hey Bedrock_Miner,


you told that the regen effect doesnt apply fast enough because it gets reseted every tick.


The solution?

In your onArmorUpdate() method make a int-variable that counts ticks. Make it increase on every tick by 1 and

when it hits lets say 200 (10 secs) then you reapply the regen-effect. Then reset the counter again to 0.




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Guest Abrynos

Just give the entity a regeneration effect level 5000. That would easily fill the hearts up it only has to be there for maybe 10 ticks or so

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Try this.  check if potion is active, if no then add else combine.


if (!player.isPotionActive(potion.id))

    player.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(potion.id, duration, amplifier, isAmbient));

else {

    PotionEffect potionEffect = player.getActivePotionEffect(potion);

    if (potionEffect.getDuration() < duration)

        potionEffect.combine(new PotionEffect(potion.id, duration, amplifier, isAmbient));



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