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Checking if a TileEnity is extending a base class of my mod


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I have a base class for TileEnties , and I would like to know if there is a simple and quick way to check if a TileEntity at the given x y z coordinates in a world extends that base class (else I thik I will make a list of all the Blocks class of the TileEnities which extends my base class and check if this is similar to the tileEnt.blockType).


If anyone has an idea , or thinks the one I have is the way to go , please answer me,

Thank you.

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Sounds like a simple java programming question, I say go learn java, but just google "instanceof" I think that will help you solve your question


but a snippet of code that does what you want (you want to see if a normal tileEntity is a type of your custom one?) just use "if(World.getTileEntity(x,y,z) instanceof myTileEntityClass)"


I really recommend learning more Java.

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I had thank a bit of instanceof but was not quite sure it was the way to go then forgot about it....


BUT I have a small (big) problem I think is due to my java setup : instanceof is not recognized (Unexpected token) , and I tried to find a answer and google , I found none , so anyone has got a clue , or should I go and ask on a java/programming thing (like stackoverflow) ?

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